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In this post I will be talking about "Obatala" saint that I have done. Which I love and adore and thanks to him Iam who Iam today!

The orisha of the white cloth is Obatala. Obatala is the only orisha that has male and female aspects. He is the orisha that is the owner of all heads whether crowned or not crowned. Obatala is the orisha that Olofi entrusted to judge justice on the earth. Obatala is the purest of all orishas and one of the wisest orishas. He is said to vary from an old man that is always trembling to a young person that is riding a horse. Depending on the path, his main color is white with touches of other colors. Everything put to Obatala is white. He lives in a white tureen that contains his secrets and mysteries. He is a compassionate father and a good listener. He is the father that all that the orishas look for. 

Obatala created mankind and it’s said that Olofi came and breathed life into his creations. Obatala as much as he is the owner of peace and tranquility, he is also a great and fierce warrior when he wants to. With his sword he battles against evil and triumphs over all. But when he is summoned it is to bring order and peace. He is the white pigeon that is seen flying over to announce peace is here. Obatala is associated with the mountains and high elevated place. 

Obatala’s feast day is September 24th, the same day as the catholic image, The Virgin Mary. His number is 8 and all multiples of it. Obatala is a loving and caring father not only to his children but to the other orishas. The orishas seek advice and give a high respect to the great orisha. Obatala which means father of the cloth is said to cover all man and earth from harm. He loves all that is white and all of his offerings are made of white, whether it is foods or animal sacrifice. He loves white yams, snails, fruits, white cloths and etc. Everything given to him must be topped with efún (powdered egg shell) or orí (cocoa butter). Obatala walks with a tall walking staff and with his white iruke, cleaning himself and the world. Obatala does have children as said above and he is initiated on their heads.  He is the patron orisha of all deformed humans such as albinos, down syndrome humans, and the medically challenged. He also has children that he created who do not have any of these symptoms but he took their heads due to he loves them dearly.  His abode is made up of nothing but the finest and purest white cloths found. He is the owner of silver that the orisha Boyuto found and gave to him. He is a swift and just judge. He is the one that contains the key to his son Ochosi’s house. Whenever there is war or disagreement amongst the orishas, humans or nations, Obatala is summoned to bring peace and restore order. 

His children are very smart and wise and they can also be very sneaky.

FAVORITE ANIMALS: Obatala’s sacrificial animals are all white and they are female goats, hens, pigeons, guinea hens. In some of his aspects he eats roosters and turtles as well.

Obatala has about 24 different paths, I will be posting mine path ...

Baba Osagrinan 

Osagrinan is an old Obatala who was married to Oshanla. Osagrinan is said to walk with a walking staff or preferably 2 crutches that he uses. Osagrinan’s color is white with touches of coral or red. It is said that he hears all and when this Obatala gets upset he releases his crutches and dances on one leg. He is the father of Orula. When Osagrinan comes down, he dances and trembles like an old man. His vessel is broken into 4 different compartments where different secrets live including some of Ifa. He also lives on top of a table of Ifa that was given to him by his son Orula.

                                        This is a  actual picture taken in my house of my"Obatala"

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